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EB-5 News Archive for August, 2011

How should I choose an EB-5 immigration attorney?

August 31, 2011 @ 4:49 pm
Posted by Exclusive Visas

When selecting an EB-5 immigration attorney, there are a number of key points that one must consider.  One of the largest issues is whether or not a particular attorney is biased in his/her recommendation.  It is not uncommon for EB-5 immigration lawyers to advise regional centers in addition to immigrants. 

In order to find an EB-5 immigration attorney without a conflict of interest, potential EB-5 immigrants should watch for a number warning signs.  These may include, but are not limited to, regional centers that require investors to use a certain attorney, if an attorney advises the regional center that he or she is recommending, if the attorney recommending the regional center has actually visited that center, and the total number of I-526 and I-829 petitions that that attorney has processed.  

It is better to leave the EB-5 immigration attorney all the immigration paperwork and retain a professional EB-5 consultant to assist you in choosing the EB-5 project that you will be comfortable to invest in. Consultants have played a great role for many foreign investors seeking to obtain a green card through the EB-5 investment visa program. 

Many applicants as well as Immigration Attorneys can find the EB-5 program to be rather complicated because of its many requirements.  Therefore, most EB-5 investors prefer to consult an EB-5 expert before making their choice of what EB-5 project may be most appropriate for their consideration.

For more information, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda at info@eb5exclusive.com or 001+1-954-727-9800.

What to consider when choosing an EB-5 Project for your EB-5 Visa?

August 30, 2011 @ 2:13 pm
Posted by Exclusive Visas

Today there are over 150 USCIS approved Regional Centers. Some of them have active projects, others – don’t. Very often foreign nationals have to conduct a lot of research to identify available EB-5 projects and analyze the terms and conditions they offer to the EB-5 investors.

It is very important to choose the right EB-5 project to invest into because the future investment green card approval depends on this choice. There are many sides of the project that every EB-5 investor needs to consider while making their choice:

-          is the project located in Targeted Employment Area;

-          what is the percentage EB-5 capital of in the total cost of the project;

-          what experience does the management team have;

-          is there any government support and government financing;

-          how many EB-5 investors the project needs;

-          how many jobs the project is creating;

-          what methodology the project uses to calculate the job creation;

-          what exit strategy the project offers to foreign investors; and

-          many others..  

It is important to know what questions to direct to the Regional Center. However, it is even more vital to be able to analyze the answers and understand how each of that answer can influence your EB-5 green card approval as well as return of your investment.

Very often foreign investors looking to obtain a green card through investment prefer to retain professional who can provide EB-5 consulting services. EB-5 consultant can provide an in depth due diligence report on the EB-5 project and coordinate conference calls with the Regional Centers so that the clients can ask direct questions to the Regional Center if needed. An experienced EB-5 consultant will also direct additional questions to the Regional Center on behalf of the client because in many cases an EB-5 investor who calls from another country and is not fluent in English does not know what questions to ask or often forgets.

For more information, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda at info@eb5exclusive.com or 001+1-954-727-9800.

Can the EB-5 Visa benefit a student who wants to stay and study in the USA?

August 29, 2011 @ 2:11 pm
Posted by Exclusive Visas

People from all around the world come to the United States to pursue their education. The students visa (F-1) allows foreign citizens to enter the United States for the purpose of pursuing a degree as a full-time student at an accredited college, university, academic high school, elementary school, or other academic institution or in a language training program.

An F-1 is a non-immigrant visa that requires a student to maintain a residence abroad and also demonstrate sufficient funds available for self-support during the entire course of study. On top of that you have to be able to pay high tuition costs.

No doubt, an EB-5 visa can be a great benefit to any student who wants to stay in the United States and study. The biggest difference for students studying on an EB-5 visa compared to students studying on the more common F1 or M1 visas is the ability to work outside of campus while in school and to find employment in the United States following graduation without requiring sponsorship for a work visa from the employer. This enables them to develop their careers and eventually work permanently in the United States.

An EB-5 visa also enables foreign students to save money on tuition. In many US colleges and universities the tuition fees for permanent residents are lower than for international students. Obtaining an EB-5 Visa allows you to receive a Lawful Permanent Resident status in the United States.

Keep in mind though, for the children of EB-5 investors to receive these benefits, the EB-5 investment must be made before the student turns 21 in order to still be eligible. 

For more information, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda at info@eb5exclusive.com or 001+1-954-727-9800.

Joe Sloboda of Exclusive Visas on another EB-5 Education Tour in China

August 28, 2011 @ 11:37 am
Posted by Exclusive Visas

August 24, 2011—Joe Sloboda, an expert EB-5 Consultant from Exclusive Visas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be traveling on a 6 city lecture tour in China this upcoming week. The primary focus of the tour will be to promote the benefits of the American EB-5 investment visa program, which provides a road to permanent residency for foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to the United States. The EB-5 visa is secured via an investment of $500,000 into business development projects pre-approved by the USCIS and is geared towards creating jobs for American residents.


The United States EB5 Visa program is a Federally approved immigration program that provides conditional green cards to qualified foreign investors who choose to invest in specific U.S. companies. These investments are used to create no less than 10 full time jobs in the United States for U.S. residents while providing an investment opportunity to the foreign applicant.


Joe Sloboda along with his team of experts has travelled to China to meet and to introduce the EB-5 Regional Center, “The Florida Regional Center” and speak about the highlights of one of this Regional Center’s current development projects called Harbourside Place. The Harbourside Place project is a commercial retail, restaurant, and hotel development which, when completed in 2013, will be the new “Town Center” of Jupiter, Florida.


The cities Joe Sloboda will be hosting the presentations in are as follows:


Qingdao – August 24th & August 25th

Beijing – August 26th & August 27th

Nanning – August 28th

Shenzhen – August 29th

Macau – August 30th

Dongguan – August 31st


Following the presentations, Joe Sloboda along with The Florida Regional Center, will host several dinners to further engage prospective applicants and allow them an opportunity to ask additional questions about the program and the project.


If you are interested in learning more about the EB-5 Visa program or in attending one of the upcoming meetings in China, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda of Exclusive Visas at +1-954-727-9800 or via email at info@exclusvievisas.com

Are EB-5 Regional Centers designated and approved by the US Government?

August 25, 2011 @ 11:00 am
Posted by Exclusive Visas

All EB-5 Regional Centers that are approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service are government designated.  In order to become an EB-5 regional center, the center must first go through a USCIS approval process.  The center’s proposal must show:

- How the regional center plans to focus on a geographical region within the U.S., and must explain how the regional center will achieve the required economic growth within this regional area

- That the regional center’s business plan can be relied upon as a viable business model grounded in reasonable and credible estimates and assumptions for market conditions, project costs, and activity timelines

- How in verifiable detail (using economic models in some instances) jobs will be created directly or indirectly through capital investments made in accordance with the regional center’s business plan

- The amount and source of capital committed to the project and the promotional efforts made and planned for the business project. 

There may be a number of EB-5 regional centers that ‘highlight’ that they have a unique government designation.  EB-5 investors should be aware that this normally means the center has some level of state government control, not federal government, and that it doesn’t necessarily indicate any higher level of quality or guarantee. 

For more information, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda at info@eb5exclusive.com  or 001+1-954-727-9800.


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