EB-5 Service Providers

What is an EB-5 Visa and how does it Work?

Created in November 1990, an EB-5 is a visa that is used by a foreign national to establish a business or invest in an existing business. The required investment amount is a minimum of $1 million US dollars in a non-designated regional center or a minimum of $500 thousand US dollars if investing into a designated regional center. Most importunately, the investment must create jobs for legal U.S. residents or citizens and the total jobs created must not be less than 10 continuous full time positions.

The EB-5 regional center program is a great opportunity for many foreign national investors to become permanent residents in the United States in as a little as two to three years. Investing this way allows the investor, their spouse and any children under the age of 21 to obtain conditional green cards. This means that they can attend U.S. schools, legally work in the United States, or if they choose, just retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. All of this creates jobs and promotes economic growth and improvements in specific geographic regions of the United States.

Who Provides EB-5 Visa Services?

There are several types of EB-5 service providers including accountants, lawyers, as well as marketing and investment consultants. The main question you should ask yourself is what type of service will you need? Are you investing in a currently running business or do you want to invest and start a new business? A good EB-5 visa service provider will have an answer to all of your questions and will guide you through the process with minimal effort on your part. For example, in North and South Carolina, you may invest in several types of businesses. Because the businesses vary from apparel manufacturing to professional office building developments, it would be advisable that you use a service provider that is well versed in the area of trade you are interested in:

I recommend a lawyer that is well informed in EB-5 Visa services, especially in the designated regional center investing, as they would be the best source for information. They are well practiced in the ins and outs of getting the visa approved and can council you on how best to invest your money, as most first time foreign investors usually go into a designated regional center as the initial investment if lower and if you are not approved, you do not lose your investment.

Now you are ready to consider an investment into an approved EB-5 Regional Center, but there are several steps and procedures that must be followed exactly. Lawyers that are from the regional center you are interested in are going to know what these procedures are and have years of experience in dealing with all of the complex immigration issues. Many of these firms also have former government officials on staff that will help work on your case.

You must remember that the initial resident status for an EB-5 Visa is a conditional status of two years. Before the end of this two-year period, you must file an additional application to request the removal of the conditional status. For instance, if the investor has demonstrated that they were actively involved in the process and used their own required capital, maintained the investment and that all of the required jobs were created and maintained, then the new application for Permanent Residency would normally be approved. Using an experienced EB-5 Visa provider will guarantee success, as they will hold your hand and walk you through the process. It is a win-win solution for foreign nationals that want to become productive, American citizens by promoting economic growth in regions that otherwise may not see new jobs.

EB-5 Investor Visas - Permanent U.S. Residency with the EB-5 Program

EB-5 consultants from Exclusive Visas assist foreign investors looking for EB-5 visa options to obtain U.S. residency. Each EB-5 consultant is experienced in EB-5 investor visa procedures.

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